Allied Biomedical Research Institute

ABRI is an independent and neutral source of bio-products which is of an eminent service to its customers.

Who are we?

When a customer has the need for a collection of rare, highly characterized biological samples ABRI is the one provider.

What do we do?

ABRI collects biological materials to meet the clinical trial management solutions and for its own inventory of bio-products.

Where we are?

Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Guayaquil(Ecuador), Ahmedabad(India), Costa de Marfil, Colombia and Miami.

ABRI Certifications

  • NIH Biosafety Level I Certification 2021
  • NIH Biosafety Level I Re-Certification 2022
  • CDC Biosafety Level I and II 2008 – 2022
  • FDA registration 2008 – Ongoing
  • CDC Worldwide Import Permit

We Are Highly Qualified

ABRI is an independent and neutral source of bio-products, which is of an eminent service to its customers. When a customer has the need for a collection of rare, highly characterized biological samples, ABRI is the one provider that is able to constantly deliver high quality samples in a timely and efficient manner and within full regulatory compliance. ABRI excels in its understanding of the regulatory environment and project management capacities to enable the commercialization of regulated products. ABRI customers, most of them are involved in time-reliable product for development; rely on ABRI to expedite their time to market.

ABRI operates and holds a worldwide permit with the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), register with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and functions with an Internal Review Board (IRB) to meet all standards and procedures. For further information on the ABRI's facilities and operations, please feel free to contact us


Become a study participant

At ABRI, we are actively looking for individuals just like you to help answer important questions about a variety of health conditions. Clinical Research participants help the discovery and implementation of important medical innovations to include genetics, drugs, clinical techniques, and diagnostic tools.

Initial Phase (screening)

A dedicated ABRI staff member will review the different diagnosis and match each individual potential participant to a study.


ABRI physicians and clinical team will monitor your health at all times


Patient will receive information when a study is getting to the end. Several studies offer Open Label Extensions which mean, the participant will continue to receive the actual medication for an extended period of time.

Phase I Center

Our state-of-the-art phase 1 facility offers first in human phase studies in healthy volunteers and those with different medical conditions to assess safety, tolerability, bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of future medications.

The phase 1 center opens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Patients in the phase 1 inpatient clinic will be medically monitored continuously by health professionals to include physicians, nurses and medical coordinators. Our patients are monitored using the latest cardiac telemetry system.

An ABRI professional will gladly provide more information about our Phase I inpatient center.

Phase II — IV Center

ABRI also has an outpatient clinic for phases Il — IV adjacent to the phase l. The outpatient clinic has several treatment rooms, psychometric quite rooms, pharmacy, and a biosafety level Il laboratory.

During these phases, patient will have the chance of participating in medium to large studies that will allow the pharmaceutical industry to compare the safety and effectiveness of the new treatments against the current standard treatments. Participants will also benefit from clinic doctor's visits, therapies and stipend for their participation and time.

An ABRI professional will gladly provide more information about our phase Il-IV outpatient clinic services and studies.

About Us

Allied Biomedical Research Institute (ABRI) is a global integrated biotechnology and clinical research company with its headquarters in the United States and sites in South Florida (US), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Ciudad Bolivar, Maiquetilla, and Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela) and Ahmedabad (India).

We are here for the individuals, supporting their quest of healthy lives. This has been our way for over period close to a decade. ABRI is passionately and thoughtfully rendering science into lasting supports to health .

  • # 2019Albumin and Immunoglobulin in Alzheimer's Disease (AMBAR)
  • # 2017Nuedexta in the Treatment of Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA)
  • # 2017Major Depressive Disorder



Providing support to pharmaceutical sponsors, clinical research organizations for the conduction of Clinical Trials throughout multiple geographies.


Consulting Service to Evaluate Protocols, Investigator Brochure, Electronic Case Forms, IWRS/IVRS.


Providing Audit support during state and/or federal inspections primarily FDA and CDC.


ABRI network will make available a variety of practice specialties and subspecialties for the conduction of clinical trials though out multiple geographies.



ABRI Biotechnology

ABRI collects biological materials to meet the clinical trial management solutions and for its own inventory of bio-products, that is provided to customers, who are involved in research, studies and development.

ABRI is also an independent and neutral source of bio-products, offering a range of services, products and technologies for the selection, development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, products used for laboratory validation and costumed panels.

ABRI Clinical Trial

ABRI is a dedicated and experienced medical research facility conducting Phases I – IV clinical trials in Neurology, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, and other medical sub-specialties. ABRI has an inpatient/outpatient research center.